Be A Good Muslimah~

Hi readers! Now I want to show some picture of me wearing the veil hehe eeitss but this doesn't mean that I'm a terrorist. Hmm.. I'm not terrorist but Im a Muslimah :) I'm proud to be Muslimah. A few this month I tried to improve myself to be better than before. I knew this is very very difficult. But i believe Allah always with me, Allah protect me :)

A few years ago I though that hijab was not obliged whereas Al Qur'an has been explained that the hijab is obligatory. hmm this is a big mistake!

okeoke tidak panjang lebar, this is my pict! cekidot!

What do you think? haha i think 2nd pict more specta wkwk
I was obsessed be a model, therefore why I like take a photo like that wkwk :D
hhmm I hope I can istiqomah, yes istiqomah about sholat, wearing hijab and many more! Actually, sometimes I'm not wearing hijab when out of home :( huhu hope I'll be GOOD MUSLIMAH!! CAYOOO :D hehehe

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