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The answer is yes. There is different between silaturahim and silaturahmi.

Silaturahmi is source from silah and rahmi . silah is lenghten and rahmi is pain suffered by the mother during labor

Silaturahim is source from silah and rahim . silah is lenghten and rahim is affection

So,silaturahim is the right.

Rosulullah saw said : “called silaturahim it is not someone who responds to a visit or a gift, but silaturahim connect what has been broken
ROSULULLAH advised the muslims to maintain the friendship.
In the words of the
muhammad: "do you know about something the fastest for good or evil? 'Something fastest for good,' saying of the ROSULULLAH SAW, 'is the reward (reward) those who do good and connecting rope friendship, while the fastest is to bring disrepute reply (TORTURE) for those who do evil and who decides kinship "(reported by ibn majah)

Rosulullah SAW give us way to keep affection between muslim  are :

1.Sprinkle peace

2.Connecting rope friendship

3.Give food to the human who need

ROSULULLAH SAW also said ,:” love what is on the face of the earth, allah will love you and the worlds. "(H.R tirmidhi).

About silahturahim

Clerical nature shillah said that silaturahim is intimacy and compassion. When relationships silaturrahim allah to his servants is by bestow affection and mercy to his servants with favors or charity and with breast enlarges due obedient servant to him.

Silaturrahim wisdom is given sustenance and lengthen life as mentioned in the hadith rasullullah sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam:

مَنْ َأحَبَّ َأ ْ ن يُبْسَ َ ط َلهُ فِي ِ رزْقِهِ، وَيُنْسََأ َلهُ فِي َأَثِرهِ، َفلْيَصِلْ رَحِمَهُ.

"Anyone who loves his food and lengthen facilitated his age then let him connect kinship (silaturrahim)."
(Narrated by

 The form of silahturahim
The simple is we spread peace  to our friend if we meet them

6 benefit of “silahturahim" is:

1. Dilated sustenance

2.Remembered for his kindness

3.Extended age

4.Khusnul khatimah

5.Love in the family

6.Key to heaven


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